Friday, August 17, 2012


The third weekend in August the clan gathered in Pine creek.
I think in the last ten years we only missed one year. It is a long drive but once you're there it is so worth it.

Inside the cabin we enjoy...

letting the men make food



pesting people trying to read

watching the popcorn pop

playing in the toy box

making pretend food

and, of course, eating.

These cousins liked feeding the local puppy.
There were many games played outside.

The tubes provided hours of entertainment for the older children. 
as well as the younger ones.

Abbi loves her Mena! (Mia)

I still can't believe we got these three little busy bodies to sit still and smile at the same time!
We had a cook out one night.

We had Xavier along for the weekend. It was his birthday so I made dirt pudding, his favorite. I couldn't pick a favorite picture so I included them all.

An awesome weekend.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to school party

Yes, I'm aware that school has been in session for a month already. It has been going well. We did hit a few bumps in the road with Madilyn but since getting glasses for her the teacher has seen an instant improvement. Anyway, back to the party. Five days after having Mary Lou's birthday party I had her and Lois and their kids over. I asked the children to each dress up as their favorite character from a book.

It was quite interesting but so cute.
Also you can see in the picture that the window turned into a door and now I have a little laundry room. Yeah!! I want to finish the room but as usual we are already on to the next project without totally finishing up the last one. This week our new windows come in! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will have new siding!!!!!! That is something I have been waiting for since the day we moved in. Which will be three years next month. Okay, back on track here.

This is my clan. To make my life more interesting over that time I had Xavier too. He is our knight in shining armour and he played the part perfectly. Although it looks like he is trying to surf on his shield.  Olivia had read the Swiss Family Robinson at school the year before and wanted to be Jenny. Madilyn is Laura Ingalls. I got their clothes down the road at New For You. They wanted to wear them everyday.  Quintin thought Preston and Abbi should be Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Dr. Seuss  books. Too bad they can't clean up as fast as the real characters. Or actually clean up after themselves at all! Actually it looks like they can't even crack a smile or look at the camera.

Have I ever mentioned I'm the worst at taking pictures? I wish I would have gotten a picture of the table when it had the food on. These pictures were taken after everyone left.

It was school themed so I put sandwiches in paper bags and they could fill them with whatever snacks they wanted from the table. If I can remember that far back, I think I had apples, chocolate pretzels, raisins, and ahh, wow, I can't even remember!

I put milk in the jars I used for Olivia's birthday party. I used craft paper for the table cloth. Later I gave them a jar of crayons to draw with and later we caught my youngest daughter throwing the crayons one by one out in the yard. I did make her help me pick them up later.  

Mary Lou's cute children.
Hayleigh is Little Red Riding Hood. Mary Lou made her cape!
Jimmy is a handsome cop. I think he would win the award for the friendliest cop. Havanna and Lanie were precious princesses and of course, little Tess was a darling Strawberry Shortcake.  

Lois's adorable little ones
Payton is Emily Elizabeth from the book Clifford and the look would not have been complete without a "big" red dog. Hudson was so adorable in his little Clifford attire.  Petra is Heidi and her outfit was adorable. Lois and her mom made it.  I'm surrounded by these creative ladies. If we do this next year I'd better step up my game! 
Olivia is going into 4th and Madi into 2nd

Xavier is going into 4th. His 9th birthday was today.

  Hayleigh is going into 1st and Jaymes is starting kindergarten!
Yep, he cannot get that grin off his face.

Payton and Petra are going into 1st grade.

I asked each of the ladies to bring along a 2 liter of soda for each of their school kids. So we had a quick craft project and made these.

Who's the luckiest student around? Me! I'm so lucky to have you as a teacher! If you can't tell they are for the children to give to their teachers.
It was a fun, fun day even though I'm not even sure if us moms even sat down to eat.