Friday, August 17, 2012


The third weekend in August the clan gathered in Pine creek.
I think in the last ten years we only missed one year. It is a long drive but once you're there it is so worth it.

Inside the cabin we enjoy...

letting the men make food



pesting people trying to read

watching the popcorn pop

playing in the toy box

making pretend food

and, of course, eating.

These cousins liked feeding the local puppy.
There were many games played outside.

The tubes provided hours of entertainment for the older children. 
as well as the younger ones.

Abbi loves her Mena! (Mia)

I still can't believe we got these three little busy bodies to sit still and smile at the same time!
We had a cook out one night.

We had Xavier along for the weekend. It was his birthday so I made dirt pudding, his favorite. I couldn't pick a favorite picture so I included them all.

An awesome weekend.

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